Youth Ministry Mistakes/ Confession #5 “Believing  just because I am excited about missions the teens will be”

My desire to work with young people started in Peru, South America. I saw that evangelizing, establishing, equipping, and exporting college students was vital in the cause of world evangelism. I learned missionary principles and  saw the importance of sending out qualified “ultra portable disciple makers” to start a church planting movement. I began to wrap my life around the cause of world evangelism.

I did not become a youth pastor because I wanted an extended adolescents. After several years of working exclusive with college age students I realized that I was looking at the results of decision made in the teenage years. I had and have dreams of seeing mobilization teams travel across America, mission magazines, and hundreds of missionaries out of our church. I knew this would only be possible through having a steady flow of young people who would recklessly  abandon their dreams and selfish ambitions for God’s will for their lives.

With my background of missions mobilization, two years of travel, my pastor’s missionary fervor and 20 years of missionary experience, and the multi-ethnic make up  of our church I knew that missions would become important to our teens. Some lessons our caught not taught. That is what I expected to see from the teenagers. However, that as not been the case for the most part. I do not know if the average teenagers understand how we are striving to bring God maximum glory by the global proclamation of the Gospel.

Plans to correct the problem…

I am going to crank up the missions exposure to my teenagers. I talk with several missionaries every week. They need to see this and be part of this. My wife and I will share stories of how God molded our lives and ministry on the mission field. We will make a bigger deal of everything missions at our church. I will teach and inform the students about missionary principles and things that most teenagers will never hear about. I will systematically teach them missions history!…

I will get off of here, blog administrator, and finish reading the book beside me on Luther Rice.

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