Youth Ministry Mistake/ Confession #3  I have ignored the good “kids”

Everyone loves to hear the testimony of the guy who grew up in the ghetto on drugs then a youth worker came into their life and shared Christ. Also, we have also seen the ridiculous embarrassment of a teen giving their testimony and almost apologize for growing up in a Christian home. It is as if we believe God give out 5 points for a tough case and 1 point to the youth worker that helps the “good” kid.

Here is my confession. I have not given the appropriate amount of time to some of the students in our youth ministry. Tonight I went to a play with two great young men who are home schooled. We went to a Christian school to see some of our teens perform. What was weird for me was that all the students I was around tonight seemed to love God, their parents and church. 

I overlook the good kid for many reasons. Since they do not get in trouble they do not show up on the radar as much. I do not have to go to a tribunal for them, help them serve community service with me, or have many long talks with their parents. Also, I sometimes just think that their parents will let me know if their is a problem in their lives.

Youth ministry is more then trouble shooting. Many of these “good kids” are are walking a straight line with a clean mose right into an anemic Christian life. How do we have such a high percentage of people in churches who are “good people” but they are not passionate about the things of God? They formed those attitudes about God when they were younger and they were never addressed. 

Steps to resolve the problem

I must not let my time be dictated by the teens who seem to have the most urgent problems. I need to invest time into kids who are showing a sincere interest toward the things of God. It doesn’t matter if they come off the bus route with 2Pac tattoo or out of a Christian family who listens to girls home music. The ones who are growing need to be fed the most and require more time.

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