This morning I read in 2 Samuel 13 about Amnon and his friend. Growing up I have heard literally dozen of youth messages on this sermon. They were great and helpful. This morning I noticed something different. I noticed how real the emotions Amnon felt even though they were wrong. Amnon was sick over his false love for his sister. Then I read on our church blog on how one of missionaries Chris Gardner got sick over the break up of a girl friend when he was younger.

I want to keep this in mind when I hear my students talk about their interest in a guy or girl. Even though I have a Biblical responsibility to guide them in a path that will keep them pure and help them find the right mate in God’s timing I want to mindful of the real emotions they are feeling about that girl or guy.

Tamar told Amnon all the right things before he acted foolish, however, his raging emotions vetoed his logic and conscience. We must teach our students that strong emotions does not equal love. We live in society that makes them believe that couples that last are couples that start with a stronger emotional charge. We must show them what the Bible teaches about true love and what it teaches about living upon emotions.

Another thought that has helped me while looking at my email. I saw that I had two friends who are missionaries have birthdays today. By the way happy birthday Tyler Masters (missionary to the Muslim world) and Andria Gardner (keeper and maintainer of of one of the greatest missionaries I know Chris Gardner in Peru). I also came across a blog one of my best friends wrote that mentions that he will be speaking to my teens tonight. Aaron Bashore said something on his blog about me that means so much because it would be something I would want to be associated with and that it came from him.

Well, what I am trying to get to is that “Not only does your teens friends effect the type of youth ministry you will have, but the types of friends you as the youth minister have will have a huge impact on your ministry”. I am always challenged and provoked to give me, serve me, and our out my life for the cause because of the testimony of my friends. They are givng their lives all around the world to spread the Gospel.

So my personal challenge for today is to help my students learn how to evaluate their friends and make sure I do that regularly myself.

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