The man in the picture is Jeremy Hall. He is a missionary to Peru, South America that many of you may know. If you don’t know Jeremy I strongly encourage you to read about his ministry at  In the picture he is holding the “Princeton Pledge” and a red ribbon he received at the 2004 Baptist Camp for World Evangelism (know called the Our Generation Camp). The pledge he signed states that he is “willing and desirous, God permitting, to be a foreign missionary”.

I first heard the name Jeremy Hall from his young brother in college. Kevin Hall, who is now a missionary in South Africa, asked his roommates to pray for his older brother. Jeremy was, to say the least, not living up to his identity in Christ. Kevin was concerned for him. Mark Coffey, Jeremy Hall’s cousin and now missionary headed to South Africa, requested prayer for Jeremy as they were headed on a trip to South Africa for Kevin’s wedding. On that trip Jeremy came to a point of realization that he had been rebelling against our loving Heavenly Father and repented of the life he had been living.

Several of the missionaries I work with were privileged to see first hand God do a wonderful work in Jeremy’s life. We saw his first message and we are know seeing him lead a very large ministry in Arequipa, Peru as a veteran missionary. Watching his life has been a constant reminder that the Lord of the harvest is providing laborers through the prayer of his saints.

I wanted to share this story with you to remind you that even though you may not always get a front row seat to seeing God answer your prayer for laborers He is still answering this prayer! If you ever prayed to the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers to the harvest you have prayed for Jeremy Hall! You are just as involved in this story as I am. I prayed and watched. You prayed and now read about it!

Pioneer Senders: Stay faithful in praying for laborers for the harvest. Praying for missions is not an excuse for not going but a mighty resources for all SENDERS and GOERS in the cause of world missions. We have not because we ask not. Ask the God of Heaven for laborers for the harvest today!!

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