I read after dozens of church leaders. Some our church planters, some pastors, and a whole slew of them are youth pastors. I just wanted to take a moment and rant about my personal dislike for the use of “Xmas” for Christmas. It seems ridiculous to me how many youth pastors feel the need to be as edgy as possible. They are always trying to fine the line and run alongside of it.

It has been the trendy thing to be a church leader that accepts and uses the term “xmas”. Below is the story behind the whole “xmas. I want to make it clear that “yes I understand and no I still do not like it”.

Taken from snopes.com

Origins: The abbreviation of ‘Xmas’ for ‘Christmas’ is neither modern nor disrespectful. The notion that it is a new and vulgar representation of the word ‘Christmas’ seems to stem from the erroneous belief that the letter ‘X’ is used to stand for the word ‘Christ’ because of its resemblance to a cross, or that the abbreviation was deliberately concocted “to take the ‘Christ’ out of Christmas.” Actually, this usage is nearly as old as Christianity itself, and its origins lie in the fact that the first letter in the Greek word for ‘Christ’ is ‘chi,’ and the Greek letter ‘chi’ is represented by a symbol similar to the letter ‘X’ in the modern Roman alphabet. Hence ‘Xmas’ is indeed perfectly legitimate abbreviation for the word ‘Christmas’ (just as ‘Xian’ is also sometimes used as an abbreviation of the word ‘Christian’).

I am a youth leader who does have a working definition for the word Christian liberty, as I know many who do not. However you decide to exegete I Peter 2:16 or I Corinthians 10:23 it is clear Just because you can do something does not mean you should. Many church leaders out there remind me of the little dog who runs up and down the fence row when they have a huge backyard they could be running free in.

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