What are the workshops that supply the munitions for God’s enterprises? The workshop of missionary munitions is the hidden, personal, worshipping life of the saint.

Worshipping as Occasion Serves (John 1:48)

The constant, private habit of the life of the missionary ought to be worshipping as occasion serves, that is the first great essential for fitness. The time will come when no more “fig tree” life is possible; when we are right out in the open and glare of the work, and we shall find ourselves without any value then if we have not been worshipping God as occasion serves.

We imagine we should be all right if a big crisis arose;

but the crisis only reveals the stuff we are made of, it does not put anything into us.

“If God gives the call, of course, I shall rise to the occasion.” You will not, unless you have risen to the occasion in the workshop. If you are not the real article before God there, doing the duty that lies nearest, instead of being revealed as fit for God when the crisis comes, you will be revealed as unfit.

Crises always reveal character,

and we are all ignorant of our true character until it is revealed to us.

If you do not worship as occasion serves at home, you will be of no use in the foreign field; but if you put the worship of God first, and get the revelation of Who God is, then, when the call comes you will be ready for it, because in the unseen life under the fig tree, the life which no one saw but God, you have been learning and preparing, and now when the strain comes you are perfectly fit to be relied on by God.

Worshipping is greater than work in that it absorbs work.

“And He saith unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Ye shall see the heaven opened, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man”. Our Lord is the One in Whom God and man can meet as one.

If that has never been learned in our private worshipping life, it will never be realised in active public work.

“There is no need for this private worship of God, I cannot be expected to live the sanctified life in the circumstances I am in; there is no time for praying just now, no time for Bible reading; when I get out into the work and the opportunity comes for all that, of course I shall be all right.”

If you have not been worshipping as occasion serves,

you will not only be useless when you get out into service but a tremendous hindrance to those who are associated with you. Imagine a general having ammunition made in a workshop at the back of the trenches! His men would be blown up whilst attempting it. Yet that is what we seem to expect to do in work for God.

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