We started what we call the World Evangelism Cabinet. The purpose was to get more people involved in our ministry, to get more involvement in reaching the world, and to further the World Evangelism efforts of Vision Baptist Church. We called together several men to act as the Directors of different geographical regions. Over the next few days, I will share with you a little about what we do and how the Cabinet works.

Here are the expectations given to the men that we handpicked for their service:

Expectations to serve on the World Evangelism Cabinet

  1. Agrees with Vision Baptist Church’s statement of faith and is a growing disciple of Christ
  2. Baptized believer in Jesus Christ
  3. Active church participation at Vision Baptist Church
  4. Involved in local evangelism in the ministry of Vision Baptist Church
  5. A willingness to deepen one’s interest in world evangelism
  6. Attends a World Evangelism fellowship regularly
  7. A willingness to make a substantial time commitment to the world evangelism program
  8. Dependability and responsibility in discharging assigned tasks
  9. A willingness to undergo initial training and to learn Vision Baptist Church’s world evangelism policy
    1. Reading books
    2. Attending training programs
    3. Making short-term mission’s trips
  10. Be trained and involved in soul winning and discipleship at Vision Baptist Church
    Contributes and supports Vision Baptist Church’s Annual World Evangelism Budget
  11. Works well with people
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  • Posted August 21, 2018 12:27 pm
    by Justus Mize

    This is a great idea!

    I enjoy different men getting up at Vision and giving the updates.

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