Will and Rebel Hill are church-planting missionaries to Japan

Every day 3,231 Japanese people die without Christ! Even though Japan is wide open to the Gospel, it remains one of the largest unreached countries of the world as over 99% of the population is lost!

They are currently at 90% of their support and have purchased their tickets for August 5th. In less than 90 days they will be leaving for Japan.

By the time you finish reading this, a Japanese person will have entered Hell. I ask that you would help them get over there and reach those that remain while there is time!

They have a few openings in their schedule before they leave. If you would like to have them present their ministry at your church please call Will at 770-375-9672 or email him at will2japan@gmail.com.

Go visit their blog at risingsonmission.com.

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