I would like to encourage you to attend the Our Generation Summit this year! Even though we are reaching our deadline to register and be able to stay at the Music Road Hotel you can still make accommodations at others hotels in the city. The fee for the conference is only $50. We have childcare provided.

There is a long list of reasons I believe people should attend this annual event.

  • the practical sessions taught by missionaries on discipleship and how we can better assist them
  • the challenging messages where we are reminded of God’s heart for this world
  • the Christ-exalting music
  • opportunity to get away from a few days from the routine of life
  •  fun time with others from your church
  • Gatlinburg is a pretty cool place
  • opportunity to spend time with missionaries and others that care about missions

These all are the things you would expect me to say about the Summit. I have been to everyone, and I have been pushing these “selling points” for the last 13 years now. You also know the church and missions group I am a member of puts these on so you might think my promotion of it might not be very sincere.

I can honestly say that no matter what scenario I am in I would be looking for a way to get to the Summit. If I was a factory worker in Maryland, a single parent trying to raise kids to the glory of God, a youth pastor with only a few teens, a youth pastor with unlimited resources, old, or young I would be doing my best to be in Gatlinburg for these three days.

Outside of all the reasons I gave above let me give you the main reason.

I believe that the cause of world evangelism is so important to my walk with Christ that it deserves and demands that I reevaluate my involvement every year and consider going into the next year how I can be more involved.

  • Posted November 26, 2015 9:16 am
    by Kason

    The summit is the place to go if want to learn about missions. It will challenge and help you in your Christian life!

  • Posted November 28, 2015 9:10 am
    by Kanon Bloom

    Looking forward to being there!

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