Over the next few posts I would like to give you some things to consider. I do not think that these are the only ways, the right ways, or what you should do but you could think about them. How about considering the largest cities in the world? This is at least one way to consider where God might have you to work.

When you consider that nearly 1 person out of every 7 live in one of these major cities you must think about the need there. People every where. Paul went to the principal cities of his day.

Acts 16:12 And from thence to Philippi, which is the chief city of that part of Macedonia, and a colony: and we were in that city abiding certain days.

I am going to leave their number in rank and population and just arrange them by country. This data came from here.

Without a doubt many people live in Japan and need the gospel. There has been very little Christian witness or receptivity although God has moved among many thousands of them. They are a more wealthy country which often causes people to not be as open to the gospel. Jesus said that the rich were hard to reach but not impossible! Three of the largest cities in the world are in Japan.

1. Tokyo, Japan (37,126,000)
13. Osaka, Japan (17,011,000)
26. Nagoya, Japan (10,027,000)

A total of 64,164,000 live in these three cities alone!

Indonesia is the 4th largest country in the world and in great need of the gospel. So far not much as been accomplished although as in nearly all countries God has faithful men attempting to get the gospel to the world. 3 more of the largest cities are in Indonesia. The ranking here of countries and cities is purely by the population of the largest cities. This country is mainly Muslim. That makes it often difficult to do the work of God there. The neighbors can get mad simply because you are trying to get someone to change their religion. Pray for Indonesia.

2. Jakarta, Indonesia (26,063,000)
75. Bandung, Indonesia (4,674,000)
76. Surabaya, Indonesia (4,617,000)

A total of 35,354,0000 live in these three cities in Indonesia!

South Korea has the third largest city in the world. Much has been done in this great city but much more remains to be done. No city with this sort of population can be reached like it should be.

3. Seoul, South Korea (22,547,000)

India is home to 9 of the 100 largest cities in the world. It is the second largest country in the world by population. It has not been reached with the gospel, especially in the north. There are no missionary visas available for India but you can get in to India and do the work of the gospel.

4. Delhi, India (22,242,000)
14. Mumbai (Bombay), India (16,910,000)
18. Calcutta, India (14,374,000)
31. Chennai, India (8,865,000)
33. Bengaluru, India (8,670,000)
38. Hyderabad, India (7,903,000)
47. Ahmedabad, India (6,482,000)
67. Pune, India (5,156,000)
73. Surat, India (4,687,000)

A total of 95,289,000 people live in these 9 cities!

China has the largest population of any country in the world. It is illegal to have a church here. It is illegal or difficult in Indonesia, China and other countries that will be listed here. 21 of the largest cities in the world are located in China. Imagine the number that have never heard the gospel in all of these cities.

5. Shanghai, China (20,860,000)
12. Beijing, China (17,311,000)
15. Guangzhou, China (16,827,000)
23. Shenzhen, China (11,885,000)
30. Tianjin, China (8,922,000)
37. Dongguan, China (8,278,000)
39. Chengdu, China (7,895,000)
46. Wuhan, China (6,995,000)
48. Chongqung, China (6,321,000)
50. Hangzhou, China (6,178,000)
56. Quanzhou, China (5,798,000)
58. Shenyang, China (5,553,000)
61. Nanjing, China (5,455,000)
64. Xi’an-Xianyang, China (5,253,000)
80. Harbin, China (4,477,000)
82. Zhengzhou, China (4,379,000)
83. Qingdao, China (4,378,000)
88. Suzhou, China (4,159,000)
98. Dalian, China (3,717,000)
99. Fuzhou, China (3,713,000)
45. Hong Kong, Hong Kong (7,106,000). Hong Kong is kind of its own but not really so I am putting it here with China.

A total of 157,182,000 people in these twenty-one cities.

The Philippines is the most Christian nation on this list so far but there is always a need for the gospel there. God has used the people from this country to begin going all over the world as missionaries.

6. Manila, Philippines (20,767,000)

Pakistan has the 7th largest city in the world. This might be one of the neediest places in the world but also one of the most difficult!

7. Karachi, Pakistan (20,711,000)
40. Lahore, Pakistan (7,743,000)

A total of 28,454,000 million people in these two cities.

The United States America has 13 of the world’s largest cities. Many times the gospel has been preached in all the smaller places but the downtown areas of our country are in much worse shape. Compared to most of the world the USA has the most opportunity to hear the gospel. However anyone would be wise to think of these metropolitan areas as good places to take the gospel. The inner cities of America may be the more difficult places to work but the need is great.

8. New York, USA (20,464,000)
17. Los Angeles, USA (14,900,000)
28. Chicago, USA (9,121,000)
54. Dallas-Fort Worth, USA (5,874,000)
55. San Francisco-San Jose, USA (5,864,000)
57. Miami, USA (5,582,000)
60. Philadelphia, USA (5,474,000)
63. Houston, USA (5,383,000)
72. Atlanta, USA (4,715,000)
74. Washington, D.C., USA (4,679,000)
81. Boston, USA (4,427,000)
89. Phoenix-Mesa, USA (4,076,000)
97. Detroit, USA (3,724,000)

A total of 88,419,000 million people in these thirteen cities.

Brazil is home to 6 of the world’s largest cities. Much missionary work has been done in Brazil but much more needs to be done. Investigate the number of evangelical Christians and see if there is still a need. I believe that there is.

9. Sao Paulo, Brazil (20,186,000)
22. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (12,043,000)
59. Belo Horizonte, Brazil (5,523,000)
90. Salvador, Brazil (4,032,000)
91. Porto Alegre, Brazil (3,965,000)
95. Recife, Brazil (3,756,000)

A total of 49,505,000 million people in these six cities.

Mexico is home to 3 of the largest cities in the world. Due to its proximity to the USA there has been great work done in this country but still much more needs to be done. Almost all cities of the world have a great need.

10. Mexico City, Mexico (19,463,000)
79. Guadalajara, Mexico (4,524,000)
86. Monterrey, Mexico (4,180,000)

A total of 28,167,000 million people in these three cities.

Egypt is home to the largest city in Africa, Cairo. Currently Egypt has gone through a lot of political turmoil and is in desperate need of Church planting and gospel preaching missionaries.

11. Cairo, Egypt (17,816,000)
78. Alexandria, Egypt (4,526,000)

total of 22,342,000 million people in these three cities.

Russia is the largest country in the world by land mass. It has two of the world’s largest cities. They are in great need of the gospel. Corruption and the lack of freedom are great hindrances but God can still work here.

16. Moscow, Russia (15,512,000)
71. Saint Petersburg, Russia (4,879,000)

total of 20,391,000 million people in these two cities.

Bangladesh would be a great place to consider. How many missionaries do you know to Bangladesh?

19. Dhaka, Bangladesh (14,000,000)

Argentina has one of the largest cities in the world. Check out the percentage of evangelicals so you can consider if this country is in need. I believe that it is in great need of the gospel.

20. Buenos Aires, Argentina (13,639,000)

Turkey home to one of the largest cities in the middle east, Istanbul. The need for the gospel is great among the middle-easterners.

21. Istanbul, Turkey (13,576,000)
87. Ankara, Turkey (4,172,000)

total of 17,748,000 million people in these two cities.

Nigeria known as the Giant of Africa due to the population and the economic superiority in Africa. With the twenty-forth largest city in the world it should definitely be a consideration.

24. Lagos, Nigeria (11,547,000)

France known for its culture and beautiful scenery is in need for the gospel. Check out the percentage of evangelicals so you can consider if this country is in need. Though Europe is harder possibly because of its wealth and education there is still a great need.

25. Paris, France (10,755,000)

Peru located in South America this country still has a far ways to go until it will be an evangelized country. Even in these South American countries where more gospel work has been done there none with a majority of evangelical believers.

27. Lima, Peru (9,121,600)

Congo this country has been blanketed by war for many years. The CIA World fact book puts the DRC at 20% Protestant.   The need would still be very great
29. Kinshasa, Congo (DRC) (9,046,000)

Colombia is probably one of the least evangelized countries in South America. The Drug Cartels of the past have caused parts of this country to be dangerous. But now seems to be like an excellent time to take the gospel to this needy place.

32. Bogota, Colombia (8,702,000)
100. Medellin, Colombia (3,686,000)

total of 12,388,000 million people in these two cities.

United Kingdom was a hub for missions. Men used greatly of God on the foreign field came from this wonderful country. Let’s see the people of this country used again to take the gospel around the world. 

34. London, United Kingdom (8,586,000)

Taiwan with about 93% of this country blinded by Buddhism this country is need of the gospel.

35. Taipei, Taiwan (8,338,000)

Vietnam with less than half a percent of it’s population claiming to be protestant this country should be a consideration for those who will take gospel to the foreign field.

36. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam (8,314,000)

South Africa with the large amounts of missionaries that are serving in this country a good portion of the population have been untouched due to the extreme racism within the country.

41. Johannesburg, South Africa (7,618,000)

Iran please pray that the Lord of the Harvest to send forth laborers to get the gospel in dark place.

42. Tehran, Iran (7,419,000)

Germany  Once many believers lived here and great gospel work was done.

43. Essen, Germany (7,304,000)

Thailand One of the neediest places on the planet. Easy to get into the country.

44. Bangkok, Thailand (7,151,000)

How hard would it be to work here. Yet how needy.
49. Baghdad, Iraq (6,204,000)


51. Toronto, Canada (6,139,000) Canada maybe very close to us but few consider the great need of this great city. Like Europe they are rich, educated, and international. Making them harder to reach but still worth the effort.

Malaysia Would you consider praying for Malaysia. Less than 10% of this country would call themselves evangelical Christians.

52. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (6,094,000)

Chile Even in these cities of South America the percentage of evangelical Christians is less than 20%.

53. Santiago, Chile (6,015,000)

Spain Spain is a very needy country. Almost no evangelical work has been done here compared to England and Germany. We are praying for a great move of God there.

62. Madrid, Spain (5,427,000)
85. Barcelona, Spain (4,223,000)

total of 9,650,000 million people in these two cities.

Italy Catholicism obviously owns this country. Who will go and preach the gospel here?

65. Milan, Italy (5,232,000)
92. Rome, Italy (3,799,000)
96. Naples, Italy (3,726,000)

total of 12,757,000 million people in these three cities.

Angola Has been a very dangerous country. Someone will have to take great risks to get the gospel here.

66. Luanda, Angola (5,204,000)


68. Singapore, Singapore (5,155,000) Singapore would be very Christian in many minds but even here the number of evangelical Christians is less than 20%. Compare that to over 75% who would call themselves Christians in the USA.

Saudi Arabia I don’t think I need to say anything about this country. The need is great. Will you pray with me that God will send someone here?

69. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (5,037,000)

Sudan There is great unrest here but the need is still super large.

70. Khartoum, Sudan (4,887,000)


77. Yangoon, Myanmar (4,528,000) Great work was once done here but the need is now!

Cote d’ Ivoire

84. Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire (4,368,000) These African countries are still crying out for the gospel to be preached.


93. Accra, Ghana (3,792,000)

Australia has a very large number of people that call themselves Christian but it is mostly from their heritage and not their personal faith.

94. Sydney, Australia (3,785,000)

Maybe as you have scanned over this list you have at least seen the idea. The great cities of the world are large oceans of people that need the gospel. It is more expensive to work there, but the people are close. They usually do not have the same roots and ties so are more open to the gospel. They will affect the villages and towns as they go home with their new faith.

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