I appreciate my Pastor leaving a comment concerning “is a church service the best introduction for lost teenagers”. I agree with him totally and if I didn’t I would not post it on a blog 🙂 If I disagreed I would go into his office and tell him. Not because I am so knowledgeable or arrogant but because he encourages it. I can tell anything I think.. as long as I am willing to allow the Word of God to be the final authority. He is a great pastor to work for.. and an even better friend to have.

Even though I believe we should do everything we can to get lost teenagers to the church services because we are given the job to teach them the gospel not just flash them with it, I am going to try do something. 

1. I want to encourage the teens to hang out in the youth room after services so teenagers who just come to a service can be velcroed to  some other teens.

2. Make sure they meet the pastor before the service, if at all possible. Then when they hear him speak they will see him as a friendly guy who is their friend.

3. I will continue to get the teens to sit together so they will see that there our other teens.

4. Have teens invite them to our next teen activity and give them info on what we are up to.

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