Isaiah 5:3-4

  • God has His prophet sing a song hoping His people will listen to the truth that way Isaiah 5:1
  1. What God had done for His people
    1. He placed His vineyard where it could be successful 
Isaiah 5:1
    2. He did everything need to protect it from danger from without Isaiah 5:2
    3. He planted the best possible vines There was really nothing more He could have done to make His people have a successful ministry Isaiah 5:3-4
    4. How does this special vineyard compare to our church
      1. I believe God expects a return on His investment in His own people here at our church
      2. The damage to the vineyard as well as the church would come from within not without
      3. Our church can never think that God has let us down
      4. We choose not to share our faith, to evangelize
      5. We need to not waste what God has given us Luke 13:6-9
      6. He has given us so much and we should invest it in His kingdom
      7. It is easy to lose focus on what God wants us doing
  2. Instead of good grapes they brought forth wild grapes
    1. The first wild grape He mentioned was covetousness Isaiah 5:8
      1. They felt like their riches could be their protection
      2. God would show them that without Him their riches wouldn’t produce Isaiah 5:9-10
      3. We must have the right attitude about material goods, things, money, wealth
        1. We can’t trust money Psalm 49:6-7
        2. Never set your heart on things but love God 
Psalm 62:10
        3. Material goods rapidly become an idol in our lives Colossians 3:5
        4. Do you control your money or does it control you?
        5. Are you looking for more and more and trusting the more even more or trusting God to take care of you
    2. The second wild grape He mentioned was drunkenness and addiction Isaiah 5:11
      1. They only think of themselves and not what God is doing Isaiah 5:12
        1. They are partying with music, food, and beverages
        2. God is far from their thoughts in these parties
      2. This is why God is allowing them to be taken into captivity, they have forgotten Him Isaiah 5:13
        1. This captivity is when He brings foreign governments against His own people and allows them to be taken and destroyed
          1. They go into captivity because they do not consider God
          2. They have no understanding of God’s greatness or power
          3. Even their best are thirsty and starving
        2. Many people are being taken captive by the same vices, drunkenness, addictions, no knowledge, not considering God
      3. Death and hell have great power over them due to this sin of drunkenness and addiction Isaiah 5:14-15
      4. God will always be glorified Isaiah 5:16
      5. What does God say about drunkenness and addiction Proverbs 20:1
        1. We are not to get drunk Ephesians 5:18
        2. We are not to be dominated by anything 
I Corinthians 6:12
        3. Alcohol and any other thing like it is dangerous Proverbs 23:29-35
        4. Don’t let living get in the way of His coming 
Luke 21:34
        5. Strange to the world that you don’t do more like they do I Peter 4:3-5
    3. The third wild grape mention is mocking God while they continue loving their sin
      1. They live life their way and define sin as they wish
Isaiah 5:18
      2. They enjoy their sin and never consider what God thinks
      3. They challenge God to show them His power, because they do not believe Isaiah 5:19
    4. The fourth wild grape mentioned is the redefining of sin Isaiah 5:20
    5. The fifth wild grape is arrogant pride Isaiah 5:21
    6. The sixth wild grape is spiritual corruption Isaiah 5:22
      1. They live to take from others for their benefit 
Isaiah 5:23 They have no respect for the Word of God Isaiah 5:24
      2. God is angry Isaiah 5:25
  3. God will judge His people for bringing forth wild grapes, sin
    1. He will remove their protection Isaiah 5:5
    2. He will destroy His own vineyard Isaiah 5:6-7
    3. He bring other nations to attack His people Isaiah 5:26
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