My friend, Bro. Aaron as he is known in his latest book, told me that I should be more personal in my blog so I will take his advice. Over the last almost 7 years I have received some good advice from him. As a student in college looking for someone to invest in my life and in my thoughts make sure I don’t turn out a goofball in the ministry he advised me to go to Peru. Good advice. The problem, in my opinion, is that I could have went into college a rebellious goof and left college an educated rebellious goof. He helped me see the need for a mentor in my life. Today I have the privilege of being the youth pastor at my mentors church. I want you to go to and check out his newest book that will allow you to read about his first year in North Africa. Well, back to the title of my blog and getting personal. I am dealing with the fact that I may never be the best anything. Let me explain by telling you one of my false temptations about the mission field. Weird huh? I deal with false temptations about the mission field. You see my buddy Kevin is the best independent Baptist missionary to the Xhosa people in South Africa. My buddy Aaron is probably the best or becoming the best independent Baptist missionary working in North Africa. My buddy Jake is tearing it up in China. Things are moving in Ireland with Travis. This is not to even to mention all my buddies in South America.. with friends like Chris who run ministries that are larger then my hometown. I know it sounds silly and selfish.. but I always to be the best at something in the ministry. I used to travel as a missions mobilizer. I really like that because I didn’t know of another full time independent Baptist missions mobilizers (I know a lot of adjectives- I didn’t make them up) So now as a youth pastor I am asking God to make me the best I can be.. which can be phenomenal. You and I may never think I am the best.. but Lord willing a few teenagers on their way from the back of the youth room to the frontline of missions service will never notice as long as I am giving my best.  

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