I am sure you all have heard about the latest “Mall Massacre”. Robert Hawkins left behind a suicide note that read, in part, “sorry for everything,” and “Now I’ll be famous.” Hawkins recently broke up with his girlfriend and lost his job at McDonald’s.

There are many reasons we see stories like the one above more now then ever. You can blame it on television, video games, the message music gives, the lack of parenting teenagers are getting, the apathy of the church, or one of the other thousand factors that could contribute to the life of this teenager.

What bothers me so terribly is how little this story affects me. I willbe honest about it. When I was about 15 years old the next closest high school to the school I attended had a school shooting (Paducah, KY). My friends and I were devastated.

Seven years ago I went on my first missions trip and saw people who had never owned a Bible. It rocked me to the core. Where are the emotions I once felt when I heard these stories. I would like to justify it and say I am growing older and have seen and experienced more.

Tonight my prayers go out to the families who lost their loved ones. My prayers also go out to all of out there to a nation who hears this as a story that drives us to watch the news for more information and not to our knees to ask God “what is going on with this generation”.

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