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There is a serious problem involved with pornography. I challenge you to take the time to read over this article and then read the entire article by clicking above. I want to see our people learn how God intended for sex to be!

We want to raise our children with a healthy attitude about sex. Will you read this and pray about it?

Based on studies like Zillmann and Bryant’s research, Dr. Layden says pornography creates “permission giving beliefs” in its viewers. Pornography teaches us that what we see in glossy magazines and computer screens is normal. Sex really must be a male entitlement. Women’s bodies really are just sexual entertainment. Women really do enjoy degrading and emotionally disengaged sex. Sex has nothing to do with marriage or having children. Anonymous sex is the best kind of sex there is.

Pornography, Layden says, is graphic miseducation about sex: training men and women to expect online “designer sex” in the real world. What happens when our children, raised on a diet of porn, grow up and discover reality doesn’t match the fantasy?

Some of our children will respond aggressively, resorting to more predatory behavior. If sex can be bought and sold online, then like all other things bought and sold, sex can also be stolen. For some this will mean a succession of one manipulative relationship after another. For some this will mean using their body to get attention. For others this will mean a lifestyle of one-night-stands, friends-with-benefits, and even sexually abusive behavior.

Some of our children will respond passively, finding themselves very lonely and unable to connect to another person. Boys, after digesting countless hours of porn, will find it has not trained them for romance. Rather, it has only trained them to be virtual voyeurs: looking at women instead of interacting with them. Girls, after being compared to unrealistic porn standards, will give up the hope of ever meeting a guy whose mind isn’t tainted.

Parents standing in the gap
Concerned parents can and do make a difference. Instead of merely allowing their teens to be consumed by a pornified culture, fathers and mothers can be the primary educators of their child’s sexuality:

Control how your child sees and understands cultural beliefs about sex. Internet filters and controlling TV time is, of course, a must. But it goes beyond this. When a child is exposed to sensual media — even the seemingly innocuous magazine covers at the check-out line — a parent has the opportunity to frame how that child understands what he or she sees.

Teach and model healthy sexuality in the home. Children need to have ongoing conversations with their parents about healthy sexuality. Children also need to see healthy marriages and love modeled in the home. Parents have the opportunity here to not only be the educators but the primary example for their children to follow.
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