1. Change the way you think. We must bring our mind into Biblical reality. We can’t allow the world to squeeze us into its mold. The world will make us feel inferior. Their is a war going on against all who believe in the Lord Jesus. If we don’t fill our minds and hearts with the Word of God then we will never be able to deal with the thoughts and insecurities that come.

  2. Be careful that you see reality as what the Bible says and not what others might say. You must see Biblical truth instead of what you and your feelings my concoct. I hurt from every correction. I can easily begin to think things that I should not think with that. I need to know what the Bible says and know what I think. Get your imagination under control. Stop reading between the lines. That is the big one that I do. I often try to figure out what they meant by what they didn’t say!!

3. Start living out truth. Romans 6 says “reckon!” So act like the truth is really true. Step out on what the Bible says. You will not feel like it but then faith believes the Bible and not what the person their self is thinking. Know the truth. Act on the truth.

  1. Decide to find joy in the Lord. If the world fails He will not fail. Look around and be grateful. I think part of the way I lose the war is forgetting to thank God for all that He has and is doing for me. Instead of thinking of how good He has been I focus on the times I feel that He has failed me. He, really, hasn’t, but I enjoy whining so I will until someone tells me the truth.

5. Write down things every day that God is teaching you. Keep a devotional journal. Take time to go back over all that He has done. Give Him glory for His goodness to you. If you have to write it down it might just embarrass you to see in print what you been thinking. At least that often happens to me. I will write down what I am feeling and see my selfishness. I will see my mistake. I think in terms of how I would never want anyone to see that. This causes me to go back and work over what I been thinking and get right.

I am not sure any of this helps you but it is slowly helping me fight a battle that I have fought all of my life. I have victory. I want to learn to live it out!

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  • Posted December 15, 2015 7:50 am
    by Kason

    I need to stop listening to myself. I need to listen to God. Thanks for the article!

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