Betty and I just came back from visiting the Howeth’s at the hospital. This picture was taken by Stacey, I suppose. Ethan is still in pain.

Today they got him up and had him sit in a chair. This caused intense pain.

Brother Tony was up all last night helping him since he was in such pain.

Please continue to pray.

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  • Posted November 10, 2009 11:30 pm
    by wagardner

    This is the letter sent out in our subdivision

    Begin forwarded message:

    Date: November 10, 2009 10:09:33 PM EST
    Subject: Update & message from Parkey Thompson

    Great update from Ethan’s mom on his surgery Dr. Crispin just came out…Praise the Lord that everything is good…they didn’t have to take the lat muscle from his back. When they shorten the bone, it made the wound smaller, so they used the adjacent muscle for coverage and it came with it’s own blood flow so no need to tie in to the blood flow. There is still a possiblity of rejection, but the outlook looks good.

    I am replying to all, but not sure if it will make it to “all”. If not, would you please forward.

    I have known Tony and Stacy Howeth, and their family, well before they moved into Sweetbriar. They are a great family and all of us should be proud to have them in our community. Their children are some of the best I know.

    There is no family more undeserving of an accident like this than Ethan and his family. However, there is no family more deserving of our help than Ethan and his family.

    Tony is a missionary who helps other missionaries prepare for their mission work. As a result of this accident, he has had to cancel meetings and that is where their income comes through. There is a definate need. They are in need of our help and I challenge everyone to help where you can.

    I know finances are tough for all, but this is an opportunity to help make all of our holiday season better by giving to those truly in need.

    Ethan has a long road of recovery. What I saw from the kids in the middle of the street selling lemonade yesterday is that he is going to be helped by those in Sweetbriar.

    Please remember Ethan in your prayers today as he goes through major surgery.

    Parkey Thompson

    One of our young Sweetbriar Residents, Ethan Howeth (14) was severely injured in a hunting accident early last week.

    Ethan has already had several surgeries on his leg & has another scheduled for tomorrow.

    The family is praying for the best and that they will be able to save his leg. However, Ethan faces a difficult recovery.

    I will try to coordinate with them regarding meals and any other way that we may be able to help. I know Vision Baptist Church has set up a fund if you wish to contribute money. E B & E W organized a Lemonade Stand today and with several other KID volunteers raised $80 (thanks to those of you who stopped by & supported their efforts)

    If you would be willing to give a special offering please send it to:

    Macedonia World Baptist Missions
    P O Box 519
    Braselton Georgia 30517
    United States

    Be sure and mark the offering for Tony Howeth, medical expenses.

    They are going to need a wheelchair ramp built, so if anyone would like to contribute money, Home Depot gift cards, or EXPERTISE to build the ramp you can contact me & I will try to coordinate. They are also having car trouble, but my husband G is handling that.

    Please respond to this email, I have a busy schedule this week but will get back to you ASAP.




    Parkey Thompson

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