Today me and a friend, Zack Elrod, took at trip to the Marrietta Greek Festival held at the Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church. Zack is a high school wrestling coach, history teacher, and is highly interested in different cultures. I have always been interested in the Eastern Orthodox church since I realized there is approximately 350 million believers of that faith. Catholicism and Orthodoxy make up nearly 53% of Christendom. I thought that the Greek Orthodox Church might be a good location to take our students during the Our Generation Student Leadership Camp. (

I went relatively unsurprised by the majority of the things I heard and saw. I had a basic understanding of the belief system and where we strongly differ doctrinally. The building was pretty interested but I have had the opportunity to travel to about a dozen countries and see many things similar to it. However, I will not forget the passion and the understanding of the tour guides. They had a comprehensive understanding of how and why everything was going on and what everything represented.

I was challenged today as a mentor for young people. Could my teenagers give a tour of our church building? Would they be able to explain how and why we do what we do? I take for granted many times that our students know why we do what we do doing our service and ministries. Even though they know do they know well enough to explain it to others.

Today I had an idea and I am not sure if I will be able to se it to fruition. Wouldn’t it be cool if we were able to partner with college’s internationla students and give them a tour of a Baptist church. To many of the students coming here our church building and service my be as peculiar to them as a Buddhist temple service is to me.

If you have had experience in this area please let me know.

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