Trent and Stephanie are leading a team in India right now. They are helping our friends the Roberts find out what it is like where they will be living in just a few months. God is at work. I am very thankful for Trent and the ministry that God has given him.

I believe that God is going to greatly use Jim Roberts and family. I only wish I were young again and had the ability to go to all these places and work that are in so much need of the gospel!

I do not have much time but would like to give you a quick update about our trip. I do not know where to start except by saying you must make it a priority in your life to “come and see” this incredible country.

My words will do very little in helping you understand how unique, bizarre, horrific, wonderful, and amazing what we have seen and experienced. One man said in trying to explain what he was seeing in India as if he was a deaf man watching someone very caught up in playing the piano. You would know it made sense to them but would be very confusing to you.

There are so many things happening every moment of the day (even now as I am watching 2 men in rickshaws are arguing outside the window) that I do not have a clue about. Even more so as we see the endless amount of time being spent in adoration of false gods.

Our team is coming down to the lobby in a few minutes and we are headed to do some field study of an area in the south west part of the city so I offer you these scattered thoughts.

1. Learning the language (Hindustan – Hindi). Yes, many in the middle class speak English. Many people are here from south India and speak more English. In a few cases English is their heart language but very often it is just not functional.

2. Hindusim is very hard to understand. It never tried to be a united religion. Millions of people across the country worshiped gods of their village and got categorized as Hindus. To know what a person believes you must ask them and listen. No book can tell you about a particular person.

3. There is incredible diversity in living conditions. A slum area can be right beside a fairly nice middle class home. The diversity is without exception. It is always in eye sight. You can hardly get to a place of means where you do not see poverty right in front of you. You are not often around poverty where you cannot see some signs of better conditions in the distance.

4. There are very, very few Kingdom workers here for the population. We have heard of about 100 but are certain there are many, many, more. From the 100 we have heard about only about 10% are working directly with the people of New Delhi. Others serve in logistical roles of supportive ministries for the greater north India area. This has reconfirmed are commitment to urban, church planting.

5. This is by far the most “spiritual” place I have ever been. Religion molds every facet of their lives and effects their economy greatly. The Gospel would not only have radical effects on the individual but on the entire country. Many of the things that hold back this nation from developing and moving forward is their captivity to tradition.

Well, I have to run. The team and bus are ready to go. Thank you all for holding the ropes. In the land filled of idols the Gospel seems sweeter. God is unchanged even when He is not worshiped. God is doing wonderful things in this country. Please, pray for our brothers and sisters here. Please, pray about being one of the 8 families we are asking God to provide for the launch team. We will give more information about this later but we need people in linguistics, Muslim evangelism, writing, media, and all must be in love with Jesus and committed to teaching God Word!

Love you all.

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