As we train leaders, this should be connected to active, aggressive, soul winning and discipling. It’s not a matter of filling up their heads, it’s activating their feet.

It’s getting them out to do the work, they’re going to go talk to people, train people, disciple people, show people what to do. They are going to do life on life discipleship, so were going to train them.

And as we train them, some will rise to the top, and those that rise to the top will be able to later on become pastors maybe, but everybody ought to get involved in doing something. If a student can’t desire to do great things for God, merely from their connection to such a church it’ll be their own fault. Because when they walk into this church it’s going to be an environment filled with power.

There’s going to be excited people, everybody’s coming to church with a great anticipation because number one, they have prayed and begged God to work in the service.

Number two, they have actively invited new people, been trying to win souls out on the street, and looking for their guests to come, looking for people they are discipling to sit with them so they can get them to continue growing.

It turns church into an exciting environment. These students should be actively involved in the ministry. This training is not taking place in a vacuum; it’s not theory, but its practice. So every one of them, let them have bus route, let them have Sunday School classes, let them have people they’re discipling, let them have home Bible studies, let them do everything they can to get ready for the mission field.

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