1. Remember that true discipleship is more than a lesson from a book
    1. It is life on life
    2. It is loving them as your family
    3. It is investing or pouring yourself into another person
    4. It is withness Mark 3:14
  2. Get the right attitude towards your disciple
    1. It is more caught than taught. They learn from watching us. I Corinthians 16:10-11, 4:17
    2. Take them forward at the speed that they are able to go. Genesis 33:13-14
    3. Have double vision. See them as they are and then see them where God wants them to be. Judges 6:13-18. (How God saw Gideon)
    4. You cannot lead people where you have not already been nor to do what you have not already done or are doing.
    5. Have compassion Hebrews 5:1-4
  3. Use the right method
    1. Allow your disciple to think for himself and to make mistakes
    2. Consider what Jesus did with his disciples
      1. Luke 10:1, 17
      2. Luke 8:22, 25
      3.  John 6:6
  4. What to do in the actual session
    1. Start with prayer
    2. Teach him to read his Bible each day
      1. Don’t forget that you cant ask him to do anything that you are not doing
      2. You will be accountable to him as he is to you
      3. He is to read a passage that is the same one that you are reading
      4. He is to keep a written record
        1. Date, text
        2. What the passage says
        3. How he can apply it to his life
      5. Discuss what he has read each day the past week and motivate him to read to get something from the word each day
      6. Have him take notes on all the Pastor’s messages and Sunday School so that you can discuss what he doesn’t understand Matthew 13:10-17, 36
      7. Go over the Bible verse for the week
      8. Each week have him memorize 5 books of the Bible until he has memorized all the books of the Bible and can successfully find Bible passages
      9. Ask him what he is dealing with or might have a question about so that you can help him from the Scriptures
      10. Take the lesson of the week and go over it for the remainder of your time
      11. Do not progress until he understands and accepts the Bible lesson
      12. You are not in a hurry to cover a certain amount of the lesson. Your goal is to love him and help him in his personal and family life
      13. Give him some homework for next week and then have prayer
      14. Be sure to work at developing your friendship
      15. It is your responsibility to spend time with him at church, before and after so that he can be assimilated into the church
  5. After about 8 lessons have him seek out his own disciple and begin teaching him.
    1. You will coach him each week as you help him disciple others
    2. Make him a success and he will love you for the thrill he gets from helping others
  6. Get him involved in the ministry of the church
    1. Sit with him and his family
    2. Get him to Sunday School and all the activities of the church
    3. Teach him to tithe, get to church on time, listen etc by your example
    4. Ephesians 4:11-12
  7. Remember that the goal is not a series of lessons but to develop a man who can train others also
    1. Our Goal is to develop leaders of leaders and not just leaders
    2. To truly develop a man you must take him from the very basic level to the priority God wants him to have of being reproductive
    3. Prepare all to serve God full time and be shocked if they do not
    4. Take them as far as they are willing to go


PUBLIC MINISTRY-“church planter” (If you plant one church, are you a church-planter?)

PERSONAL MINISTRY-soul-winning (Individual discipling – usually doesn’t happen)

PRIVATE MINISTRY -character and home life


Discipleship starts at or before sa

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