I am just now reading in Genesis 14:14 and I see something that I have seen many times but I think that we can apply to what we do as missionaries. Abram is able to go to war against several worldly kings that have taken his people and goods captive. He is able to win the war and bring Lot home. He does all of this with 318 armed, trained, warriors, that were born in his home. Too often we look out to others and other places to get our army when Abram got his right in his own back yard.

Several thoughts that you could turn into a message:

  • The enemy has taken God’s people captive at his will
  • Abram is able to get the victory over several kings and get back all that was lost
  • He does so with men born, raised and trained in his home–if we will build soul winning churches that will disciple men we should be able to go out and take back what Satan has stolen and bring them back to the house with our own men.
  • Well it is at least something for a missionary to consider.
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