Today as I was reading through an email sent to me from Philip Bassham, the founder of Philip is a close friend of mine and also the minister of music where I serve.
Philip, in my opinion, has a phenomenal perspective on the way he builds websites and leads our music program. As our church came in need of a web designer and a music minister he stepped up to meet the challenge. He studied what needed to be done and what he needed to learn to make both happen. Which is really cool to me. As a result he doesn’t work at just maiking our website cool and our music “hip”. He looks at the true purposes for music and our website and builds to meet the need.
Here is an email he sent summarizing his belief on what a church website should accomplish
An effective website will attract visitors, answer their questions, and give them a reason to come back.  And you want to do it in such a way where they will become a part of your church, not just your website.
So the challenge is to design it appropriately for the stranger, the interested, and the committed. 

1. The stranger.  A fickle internet browser. Your goal is to attract them to your site and present them something useful that will interest them.  There are a lot of things that go on in this area on and off of the web.
2. The interested. Someone who has reason to be at your site.  Maybe was witnessed to, invited, or new in the area.  They are wondering what your church is like.  So it needs to tell them and take away some of the mystery of coming to your church
3. The committed.  The one who wants to keep connected to and involved in your church. So, the site needs to be structured and have functionality to be able to be used as a tool to communicate with them.  Where it will be another platform to give additional resources, announcements, information, etc.



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  • Posted December 9, 2008 11:41 am
    by Church Website Design

    Philip is a wise man indeed! I totally agree with his insight. If others are interested in finding out more about what makes a good church website and how to go about setting one up there are loads of resources out there. We’ve got 20+ free pages under the church website advice section,
    Every blessing

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