May 5, 1943

Hello Dad and Mom,

How is things going at home? Talk about someone not writing. Don’t ever speak to me for not writing. Here I am working my fool head off and trying to write you at least twice a week as I have not gotten one from you in over a week. If I don’t get one today, I’ll add some more to this. If I do get one, I’ll retract this above statement.

All kidding aside, Dad, how about a letter a little more often, and you too, Mom. How is that trial of yours coming along, Dad?

Well, I told you about going out on the target range. Yesterday, I went to the skeet range. Dad, I just couldn’t hit those skeet. You know, trap is as easy as shooting a running rabbit. I could hit them every time, but skeet is different. The skeet which we are supposed to hit is about three times as fast as trap and a heck of a lot smaller than a rabbit. They come out low over the ground and travel only a short distance. I just couldn’t hit them. I only got nine out of nineteen.

I have one of the worst colds I have had this winter and it is very hot down here. It just won’t go away, though. Otherwise, I’m feeling fine.

I told you that I didn’t think the second week would be as hard as the first. Well, it isn’t. I had one early class Monday night and tomorrow (Thursday) night I have to clean guns. It won’t be hard, though.

Last week, we had guns all week. This week, we are having turrets; how they are made, how they operate, what kind of armor they have, what ships they go in and what parts of ships, and yes how many different brands and who makes them. All very interesting and it can be tiring.

This weekend we are going into Mexico. It will be the only pass given while we are here to go to Mexico, so I guess I’ll go.

Well folks, it is getting close to school time so I had better knock off for now.

Send you some more later,

Your Son,


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