Today’s reading Hosea 9-14

Hosea 13:9 O Israel, thou hast destroyed thyself; but in me is thine help.

Doesn’t this verse sum up the story of our lives. Israel had destroyed herself. She couldn’t blame it on anyone else. It wasn’t God that destroyed them nor was it anyone else. They had destroyed themselves. He then reminded them that He was their help. They could find help in Him!

That is the story of your life whether you realize it or not! We sinned and rebelled against a holy God. We chose to disobey. Our disobedience brought our destruction.

Our help is found in the Lord. He is our salvation. He is the one that makes a difference. He took our sins on Himself. He died in our place. Through Him we have help. He has bought and paid for our salvation! It is yours as a gift if you will just accept or receive it!

As a Christian you can also mess up and get into things that you shouldn’t. The sins and rebellion will lead to consequences where you hurt yourself but your help is in the Lord. Run back to Him and allow Him to work in your life!

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