Article taken with permission from Gospel in China.

Recently I, Jake, had the privilege to teach a modular course at the Our Generation Training Center in Georgia.

The OGTC provides the best missionary training that I know of in the States. I personally have benefited immeasurably from the teaching and challenge of the missionary team associated with the OGTC. Whenever I meet a student who is desirous of missions service in the future, I invariably recommend that they take some courses at the OGTC. Their program combines missions-focused modular instruction and life-on-life mentorship to prepare aspiring missionaries for maximum effectiveness. If you’d like more information about missionary preparation at the OGTC, contact them here, or drop me a line.

The task assigned to me for the two week course I taught was to outline ‘The Role of the Foreigner in Chinese Missions.’ This is a complex issue, and I’m afraid that I may not have dealt with it in as nuanced a way as it deserved…. (read the full article and download the audio)

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