The following quotes are by Melvin L. Hodges in his book, The Indigenous Church and the Missionary pp. 54-60

The Danger of depending on foreign support for salaries of pastors and the maintenance of the work may be itemized as follows:

There is a Danger to the church itself. Sometimes instead of helping, subsidy often destroys the very principle that will produce a strong vital church. It has been amply demonstrated that for a church to depend upon foreign sources for its finances kills its initiative and deadens the sense of responsibility.

The second Danger is to the worker himself. We develop when our faith is put to the test. Struggle and sacrifice have their part in the development of every man of God. God has His own way of maturing workers which is often thwarted when we supply artificial help from foreign funds. The worker learns to depend upon the mission instead of upon God. This is also a cause of deep conflicts between missionaries and national workers since rarely does the mission have enough funds at its disposal to actually pay the worker an adequate salary. Tensions that are produced result in anti missionary feeling.

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