—–____tireless servant   –  powerful preacher  –  loving husband  –  caring father

Today I have the great honor of being part of the ordination service for my friend and co-laborer Robert Canfield. Today through the use of ceremony, laying on of hands, and a special service we will be showing our acknowledgement of a truth that has become very evident to our church family. God has His hand on Robert and is, has been, and will continue to equip him for service.

As seen in the pictures above, Robert is a tireless servant, powerful preacher, loving husband, and caring father. I count it an honor today to be part of Vision Baptist Church and to let Robert and all who are watching know we believe in this man of God. I have the privilege to work with Robert on a daily basis and can tell you he is a true man of integrity, compassion, and dedication to God and His Word. Any ministry would be blessed to have a servant of this caliber.

Robert had his heart stirred when a young missionary, David Gardner, came by his church almost 5 years ago. Robert knew from hearing this young man preach and watching him live out a God given dream that he must make a radical change in his life and get to a place of training for ministry. As a student in the Our Generation Training Center he took his academics very seriously and was always found at the church serving in some capacity or another. He currently serves as the assistant to our Pastor, as the Children’s Pastor, over sees much of the administration of the O.G.T.C., teaches Baptist History (one of his favorite subjects), and is involved in countless other areas of ministry. [As seen in the above picture he is always at our Pastor’s side ready to assist him as an armor bearer]

Dozens of missionaries and pastors will join us this afternoon for a wonderful time of counsel and encouragement. As I have previously stated I am honored to be in this number. It has been a joy to serve with my friend, Robert. I pray that God will give us a lifetime of service together. Rather it be side by side or holding the rope for one or the other I pray that God allows us to end this life on the firing line together.

My brother, Robert, if you read this today know that not only I but the entire church family of Vision Baptist Church, your family, and dozens of missionaries around the world appreciate you and believe in you. We look forward to seeing all God has in store for you and your wonderful family. I am delighted to be able to offer some words of encouragement that could not be said to everyone. Continue “doing more of the same and with the same heart”!






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