The following are quotes taken from

By Melvin L. Hodges from his book pp. 9-14

Our ultimate goal and the means which we employ to reach the goal are intricately related. If our goal is not clearly defined we may err in the choice of methods employed and fail to realize the true fruit of our labors.

We would therefore define our objective in this way: We desire to establish in the country of our labors a strong church patterned after the New Testament example.

The church itself is God’s agent for evangelism.

The church must be built in such a way that the gates of hell shall not prevail against her.

New Testament preaching and practice will produce a New Testament church in any place where the gospel is preached.

To proceed on the assumption that the infant church in any land must always be cared for and provided for by the mother mission is an unconscious insult to the people that we endeavor to serve, and is evidence of lack of faith in God and in the power of His gospel.

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