I just got the following letter from a dear brother! What an encouragement!

Brother Austin

After watching your video about challenging others to help getting mp3 players into parts of Africa to evangelize and disciple, right then I began to pray.

I asked God to give me the resources to buy a lot of mp3s to send to you but I got no answer. I waited patiently for His answer; but instead He told me to you this.

Thank you Bro. Austin for your passion and love for our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. Your compassion for the lost and dying world has been placed in the hearts of many to reach the world with the Gospel.

Today I may not be out there in the fields of Africa, but since we have returned I have learned a great deal about the power of intercessory prayer. Praying on the behalf of those laboring throughout Africa.

I am filled with joy to give you this to help Vision Baptist Mission to go therefore.

God bless you Bro. Austin

Since I don’t have permission to post his name I will withhold it for now. But this dear brother just sent $500 towards the project. This is an answer to prayer. This is God moving and confirming in my heart that we are on the right track.

Keith Shumaker will be back in Burkina Faso soon and we will be getting started. God bless you my brother. You have made a big difference.

Check out bcwe.org

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  • Posted May 3, 2011 11:06 pm
    by Jonathan Marks

    Praise the Lord.

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