Zinzendorf was indeed a mighty leader, in whose footsteps we still may follow. Every pastor may learn from him the great secret, that the more intensely the fire of God’s love burns in the heart, the more surely will it burn through into those around us. It is the high privilege of every leader to know that God can give him such power over others, that their love to him can open their hearts for receiving more of the life and love and power of God than they could have without him. This is God’s way, to dispense His blessings through single men. As each leader in his circle realises his privilege of getting himself filled with the missionary fire, the love and devotion to Christ Jesus, and lives up to it, missionary work at home will enter upon a new era. Life and love, passing from the living, loving Christ, through a living, loving disciple, will communicate life and love to those who otherwise are cold and helpless.

Andrew Murray, The Key to the Missionary Problem (London: J. Nisbet & Co., 1902), 60–61.

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  • Posted July 24, 2015 8:38 am
    by Kason Bloom

    Wow, This is absolutely true. The more the fire burns in us the more it will transfer to others. Thanks for the reminder to make sure that my personal life is strong. If I don’t have the truth of God deeply rooted in me, how can I expect that others I am trying to disciple to get it?

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