We have wanted a bus to use to pick up children for a long time. The other day Mark Tolson was in the office and mentioned that Natasha’s former pastor would give us a bus if we wanted one. I found that hard to believe and so I told Mark to see if he really meant it. He did.


Pastor Tom Hatley, Fellowship Baptist Church in Maryville, Tennessee gave us a bus. The bus is by no means new but it is in good shape.

Then David Williams and Chris Fies went to Tennessee to pick up the bus. They drove it down on Thursday. David Williams has been doing quite a bit of work on the bus.

We have men now that are working on getting the appropriate license to drive the bus. I am excited about the possibilities of people being saved and lives changed because of a new outreach ministry.

If you are not currently helping by bringing people to church I hope you will get started this week.

Thank you very much Pastor Hatley. Thank you very much David Williams and Chris Fies. Thank you for all that have helped us get ready to start using a bus.

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