“One of the reasons mature people stop learning is that they become less and less willing to risk failure.” (John Gardner)


I write when I am intentionally learning. Even though we learn things everyday. I desire to be a learner. My life is greatly benefited by the knowledge and information God has given me in my short life. I know that there is things I need to learn today to help me do what God has for me tomorrow. However, I deal with the struggle of not having a desire to learn that is strong enough to cause me to give my time to studying. Okay… I admit it, you deny it.. but we all have this problem on occassion.


Here is the comclusion I came today today from speaking with a friend and mentor, Austin Gardner.


  • When I dream I study to reach my God given dream. When I study God gives me a bigger and clearer dream of what He wants from and with my life. Which in turn causes me to want to study even more, especially and most importantly in His Word.

  • As Bruce Wilkinson stats in the “7 Laws of the Learner” it is the teachers job to cause the students to learn. It is my responsibility to cause myself to learn. I know how to teach.. so I should be able to cause myself to learn.

  • It also stats that the succes of the teacher is seen by the succes of the student. I can not become a good teacher until I am able to make myself a good student. I must judge my ability to teach by my ability to learn.




So, as with most things in life. The solution to the problem is just do it. Today I wanted to kick start a desire to learn so what I did was placed myself in a place to learn something.

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