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Next World Evangelism Fellowship meeting


Please mark your calendars for our first monthly World Evangelism Fellowship.

Date: November 6, 2018 (This is Election Day, so please plan to vote before or after the fellowship meeting).

Time: 9 AM to 12 PM
*Lunch will be served after the meeting.

Vision Baptist Church
355 Windy Hill Drive
Alpharetta, Georgia 30004

We will have lots of special music, and we will hear preaching from three of our missionaries Shawn Bateman, missionary to Argentina, Jesse Turpin, missionary to Indonesia, and James Miyashita, missionary to Japan.

Shawn was raised in a Pastor’s home, heard the gospel preached since he was a small child, and received Christ as his savior as a young man. When he was 15, he began to preach God’s word at every opportunity. Then, at 18, he attended Bible college, and later, met and married his wife, Emily. Shawn served as Pastor of Stamp Creek Baptist Church for six years. Over the years, his desire to go into missions and church planting grew, so he resigned from Pastoring to move to the Atlanta area to train for the mission field. He and his family are now headed to serve as missionaries in Argentina.

Jesse attended church when he was very young, but because of moving he and his family stopped going to church by the time Jesse was five. So it was not until he was 14 that he heard the gospel, responded, and came to know Christ as his savior. He attended West Coast Baptist College as a pastoral major, but after moving home, he spent time working in business for himself. Then, in 2014, God burdened his heart and gave him a desire for missions. During that time, he also met and married his wife, Faith, and they will soon be leaving for the field, to go as missionaries to Indonesia.

James also grew up in a Christian home, but it was not until he was a teenager that he truly trusted in Christ. He then attended Pensacola Christian College where the Lord showed him that he needed to be a missionary. After college, he came to Vision Baptist Church and Missions, where he met his wife, Rosie. Now they are heading to be missionaries to the country of Japan.

We would also like to ask you to please make plans to join us for the annual World Evangelism Fellowship, which will be held in November 2019. We have many wonderful missionaries and pastors, such as Don Sisk, Bud Calvert, and Charles Keen scheduled to be with us during that time.
So we are looking forward to a very exciting time, and we hope you make it a priority to be us and to invite others to join us as well!

If you know anyone interested in receiving information and updates, please subscribe them by clicking the following link: World Evangelism Fellowship

Thank you and God bless you,

Austin Gardner