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Uncle Charles’ body in route

May 16, 1949


A.B. Pennington:

We have been advised remains of the late Staff Sergeant Charles A. Pennington in route to the United States as you have previously notified. Because of the manner in which he met his death, it was not possible to identify his remains individually. Burial of his remains and the remains of his comrades will be made at Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky. While interment of the group remains will be made as soon as practical after received. Factors beyond our control may delay delivery of remains to National Cemetery for several weeks, however. National Cemetery Superintendent will notify you by telegraph, date and hour funeral services will be held in sufficient time to permit your attendance at your own expense. Appropriate joint military and religious service will be provided at graves’ side by veteran’s organizations or military or naval personnel. Remains will be accompanied by military escorts. Interment expense alliances of $75.00 is not authorized in case where burial is made in a National Cemetery. In reply refer to Control Number N.C. – 27568. Request acknowledgement of receipt of this telegram by telegram collect to this office.


Thomas O. Call

Major QMC

Chief Agard

Mrs. A. B. Pennington acknowledges the telegram received this morning.

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