In Northern Ireland with the Snode family enjoying the snow and different climate. The sun comes up at about 8 am and goes down at about 4:30 right now. It is snowing at a rate of several inches an hour right now. It is beautiful. I wanted to take a picture so you could see it but I can’t get it to show you the snow falling like I should.

I am enjoying seeing what God is doing in the Snode’s lives. I believe that great things are just around the corner for their ministry here. Lord willing we will look at a different location for the church today. Their lease is up in July and they will need to move.

This family loves God. He is using them. I believe that things are about to break loose for them. I hope you will pray for them and all that God is doing here.

I will be preaching again tonight in the World Evangelism Conference. I am excited to see that our daughter churches have as much heart to get the gospel to the world as Vision does.

Thanks for all you do as a church that allows us to impact the world from home!

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