Small Group Leader Evaluation Form

I stumbled upon this article this afternoon and found it very helpful. I am going to answer these questions then challenge our discipleship group leaders to answer them also.

This Week’s Monday Ministry Helper is a small group leader evaluation form from You can check them out.

Here are some great questions..

  1. Am I living a passionate faith and a lifestyle that is above reproach?
  2. Who are the students whom I’ve really made a strong connection?
  3. Who isn’t showing up to my small group that should be? What kind of follow up should I do this week?
  4. What have I done with my students outside of the programmed small group time?
  5. Am I challenging students in my small group enough?
  6. For the few students I really know well, what’s a possible next step spiritual challenge?
  7. Do I make the most of our small group time each week? What can I do to make it more effective?
  8. How many of my students are developing spiritual habits?
  9. How many of my students have committed to evangelism?
  10. How many of my students are serving in a ministry?
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