April 28, 1943

Hello Mom and Dad,

You know my hours are getting longer and longer, down here now. Of course I mean my working day. Last night it was 09:30 before I was through with class. Every night of this week, we have a night class on turrets. Next week, I understand we only have one or two nights and I hope that is true any way. It is almost 10:30 when I get to bed and I get up at five in the morning, so sleep is precious.

This morning, we moved all the beds and our clothing. They are going to try to kill the bedbugs and cockroaches. Between the bedbugs, cockroaches and mosquitoes, and the short time we have in bed, we get very little sleep.

Tell me Mom, how long is Elizabeth going to stay home? What kind of job has Sabina?

Well, I’ll have to finish this later; there goes the fall-out for class call.

Well, here I am back again. Just got back from night class and it is 11:00. Tomorrow night, I won’t get back until 12:00. Don’t get the idea, Mom and Dad, that I have been going all this time. My day is over at 05:30. I eat then and at night I have one hour and ten minutes of night class. Last night, I started at 08:10 and went until 09:30. Tonight, I went at 09:30 and stayed until 10:45. Tomorrow, it will be from 10:45 until 12:00. The next night, it will go back to 07:15 until 08:30.

That is quite an address, but see if you can get it all on. I am a long way from home and I could get my mail lots quicker by Air Mail.

This is my new address:

Pvt. Pennington, Chas. A.

Student Receiving Center

H.A.G.S. Harlingen, Texas

Bcks. 53-3 (A.S.N. 14133990)

First note about Uncle Charles

First letter from Uncle Charles

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