Scott was raised in a Christian family and made a confession of faith at the age of four. From the ages of 5-17, Scott grew up on the mission field of Portugal where his family started churches . He was then convicted at the age of eighteen and accepted Christ as his Savior.


Scott came back to the United States to study for a while, and that is where he met his wife Melissa. After being called to preach, they returned to Portugal to study at the IBEV seminary. After graduating, he and Melissa returned to the United States and moved to Georgia where they further studied under Pastor Austin Gardner.


The Newton’s spent three years interning and training at Vision Baptist Church and the Our Generation Training Center. They have served in various different ministries throughout their time there. Scott taught some classes in the OGTC and played the guitar for the church services at Vision as well as taught Sunday school classes and served in many other aspects. Scott and Melissa also had their first child Elena in 2009 while serving at Vision.


The Newton’s left on deputation for the country of Spain on September 1, 2010. They are projecting to be on the field of Spain by September 2012 where they will be training men and planting churches.

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  • Posted November 10, 2011 6:05 am
    by Natha

    Dear brother
    good to visit your page
    please let me know the possibilities for you to visit and minister for fifteen days in our ministry,..
    I am 50 year old minister with some ministry in few villages.. few other ministers also working with me
    I am from india. we need some good missionary to visit us.. please let me know the possibilities to use your services to my people
    I am praying to have this programs
    a. few village gospel meetings
    b. youth conference for two days
    c. believers seminar
    d. Evangelists conference
    e. one of two gospel crusade with 4 or 5 thousands people

    please let me know your vision and work
    praying for you
    God bless you

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