It is a vain idea of ours, to suppose that if our circumstances were altered we should be more at rest. My brother, if you cannot rest in poverty, neither would you in riches; if you cannot rest in the midst of persecution, neither would you in the midst of honour. It is the spirit within that gives the rest, that rest has little to do with anything without.

Spurgeon, C. H. (2005). Exploring the Mind and Heart of the Prince of Preachers: Five-Thousand Illustrations Selected from the Works of Charles Haddon Spurgeon (389). Oswego, IL: Fox River Press.

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  • Posted January 3, 2012 3:18 pm
    by Ministry Addict

    Spurgeon once said, “We all live too much in company; and in a great city like this, we are busy from morning to night, and we do not get the opportunities for quiet reflection which our forefathers were wont to take. I am afraid, therefore, that our religion is likely to become very superficial and flimsy for the want of solitary, earnest thought.”

    When a person realizes – even in a public place – that he is bearing sin which is keeping him from a right relationship with God, it is good for him to sit and be silent.

    “He sitteth alone and keepeth silence, because he hath borne it upon him.” (Lamentations 3:28)

    When a person is silent and solitary, he will begin to look outside of himself and outside of others for hope.

    “He putteth his mouth in the dust; if so be there may be hope.” (Lamentations 3:29)

    And then and there he may find the blessed Hope, Christ Jesus (I Timothy 1:1), Who is more sure and more secure than the platitudes of men.

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