If you are interested in this ministry be sure and read the first part here.

These guidelines are not meant to be demanding but to lay out the plan so they can decide if they want to be part of the ministry or not! I will give you more insight into what they do in the following days.

  1. Meet at least once a month to pray, plan, and discuss.
  2. Stimulate the intercessory prayer of the congregation for our supported missionaries.
  3. Educate and inspire the congregation in the field of missions. Recruit volunteers for missions service.
  4. Serve as liaison between the church and its supported missionaries, seminary students, organizations, agencies, and associations.
  5. Care for the missionaries on the field as well as on furlough.
  6. Advise the pastor as he administers and evaluates the missions program.
  7. Help by praying and working in the mission’s conference to raise more money for world evangelism.
  8. Help ensure that our missionaries are compatible with our church statement of faith.
  9. Visit one of our missionaries as often as you can.
  10. Attend at least one missions training conference event for training annually

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