Short blog.. hope for some feedback.

I believe there are thousands of young men coming out of Bible college and already serving in churches who would be willing and desirous to take my place as the student pastor at my church. They would be willing to move into my home, work with the staff, and reach out to the teens of Alpharetta, GA. However, I know very, very few who are willing and desirous to leave the comforts afforded by ministry in the states and head to the foreign lands. 

It seems to make since in working on a task that you would find a job that no one is willing to do and take it. If I was working on job in my yard and I wanted to be the most use then I would find a job I could do and no one else was doing or wanted to do and I would start working at it. 

There are thousands of Bible college and seminary graduates this year who will say they are looking for an open door. There are countries and people around the word without a church or church building much less a “door”. 

What would happen if all the churches of America exported us youth pastors to the mission field?

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