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Every Saturday in South Africa, thousands of Xhosa people line up in the cemeteries. They are bussed in from surrounding townships, walk in droves to a large tent, and worship their ancestor in which they are about to bury. Funerals like this cycle week in and week out, and now define what Saturday IS in South Africa.


At the conclusion of the funeral ceremony, the oldest male of the Xhosa family will then purchase a bull or a goat. Then, for the next three days, the family will sacrifice the animal and worship the ancestor with food and a home brewed beer. They will eat, drink, and be merry; all the while looking for the day where they too will be worshipped as their ancestors.



This IS their life! This IS their HOPE for ETERNITY!


Will you ask God to help you do YOUR part in reaching South Africa? Will you hold tightly to the rope as an anchor for those carrying the Gospel to South Africa? Will you commit to pray for the Underwood family, as we raise our support, and earnestly strive to reach the Xhosa people, before it is ETERNALLY TOO LATE!


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Acts 20:24



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