The following is my recommendation for Jeff Bush, director of Vision Baptist Missions.

Dear Pastor

It brings me great pleasure to introduce you to Jeff Bush. I have known Jeff and Mindy Bush for over 15 years, and have watched as God has grown and developed Jeff into the faithful man that he is today.

I watched Jeff pay the price to not only learn Spanish, but learn it extremely well. They were greatly used in South America for over 12 years, where they planted 5 churches, started a Bible College, had a radio ministry with their own station, and left trained leaders in charge of and pastoring all the works which continue strong to this day!

Jeff doesn’t just know the lingo: he has done the work. He is a proven leader training, church planting, soul winning missionary. Hundreds of lives have already been impacted in Peru and Argentina and the work continues to multiply through those he has trained.

God has called Jeff to return and serve as our missions pastor, taking the leadership of Vision Baptist Missions. We need missionaries that are trained, prepared, and accountable for the work that they are doing. God has given Vision Baptist Missions 23 families that are serving Him in 15 countries. as a director, he does not sit in an office all day pushing papers but is continually involved with the missionaries, visiting them, coaching them, calling them, and making sure they have the support they need to be effective on the field and the best stewards of church’s mission money. As a vital member of Visions pastoral team, he genuinely ministers to our missionaries!

Jeff is a dynamic Bible preacher: he knows how to teach people and motivate them to do the work of God. I highly recommend him as a guest speaker for any mission’s conference. He understands missionaries because of his years of service on the field. He understands pastors because he has pastored for over 12 years. He understands faith promise and missions from a very unique perspective, and I believe that he will be a great blessing to your church.

Jeff is also singularly gifted in counselling and ministering to missionaries of other churches! He genuinely loves and cares for other missionaries, and understands intimately what they face. He knows what it is like to serve on the field, suffer at the hands of armed robbers, deal with health struggles, plant churches, and train leaders.

I hope you will consider inviting Jeff as you plan for your missions conferences. I hope you will support him financially because the work he is doing is vitally important to the cause of church planting and leader training. I hope you will have your greatest mission’s conference ever.

If you have any questions at all about Jeff, please feel free to ask them. He is a man of the highest character and integrity, and I have no doubt that he will be a great blessing to you and your church.

God bless you in all you are doing to get the gospel to the world.

Yours to evangelize the world in our generation,

Austin Gardner

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