Philemon 17 If thou count me therefore a partner, receive him as myself.

This is a most beautiful picture of what happens to those of us that have been born again, believed, are saved.

Paul writes a letter to Philemon about Onesimus. Onesimus is a run away slave. Onesimus returns to his master knowing that he could be punished and even put to death.

Paul writes Philemon and reminds him of how he, Paul, had let Philemon to Christ. He reminds Philemon that the work of grace done in his heart was a result of Paul’s ministry. He then asks Paul to receive the run away slave just like he would receive Paul. That would mean that Onesimus the run away slave would be received as family, as an honored guest instead of as a criminal.

Do you see what Jesus does in glory? God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. He prepared a plan that would give us entrance into the very presence of God as though we were Jesus Himself.

We have sinned. We have failed God. We do not deserve His love but He loves us any way. We will be received in Heaven like Jesus.

You can’t beat that at all. Imagine us, the criminals, the rebels, the run away slaves, being received in Heaven as family, as an honored guest, as Jesus Himself.

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