Ramblings from North Africa


Project North Africa’s First Year of ministry to muslims. This book will help you see the great need of the gospel in the muslim world. Through this book we get a glimpse of what it is like to live in a closed muslim country. Read of the heart aches and great joys of ministry in a muslim country!

I will be taking sometime every Thursday night in the month of Jan. to read a small part of this book to our young people. They have met the author and his family. I believe it will challenge them to overcome their fears at school by hearing of the the testimony of people that put their lives at risk for the cause of Christ. I greatly encourage you to do the same.

Message of Hope Project

Ahmed received a letter in his mailbox explaining Christ. It angered him so much that he responded with a letter of his own. The response he received changed his life. He began learning and growing in the conviction of the Holy Spirit. He was then met with, baptized, and is now preaching the gospel. His first contact with the gospel was through the mail.

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