A gang is a group of people who, through the organization, formation, and establishment of an assemblage, share a common identity. Also, it is three or more who join, act in consort, find a gang name, find a gang territory, commit criminal acts for the further enhancement of antisocial behavior.

According to Wikipedia (the website that makes Noah Webster roll over in his grave)

Yesterday as I was driving some teenagers home after our morning service I got into an interesting conversation. I heard one of our teen girls telling another teen they “don’t need they life no more, they got Jesus and he enough”. This led me to have a conversation with one of the teen guys about his desire to be involved in a game. Needless to say, most of the teens I encounter in “gangs” are as about involved in the gang as the average American is involved in their church.. ouch. It is usually a superficial, shallow connection to the other members.

As the teen guy described to me what gave teenagers such an affinity for gangs I couldn’t help but think about how all those desire could be satisfied in and through what Jesus gives us through the fellowship of a church. “I didn’t have a family, I wanted some one to have my back, I need someone to help me when I get in some trouble, they give me protection…” My heart broke as I heard this description and knew it wasn’t an infomercial for a church but for gang.


I am working on an article for some free community newspaper concerning the “What draws teenagers to gangs?”. (I will send it through editors, unlike this blog lol) I am asking my fellow youth workers out there to help me come up with some ideas and quotes from you teens concerning this topic. I will post the article when I am finished.

Shout out to my boys…

Today as I was thinking over the desires teens have to be truly accepted God reminded me of something special He has given me. God has put me among a “band of men whose heart God has touched”. I could not imagine ministry or life without these guys. They truly “have my back”. One of the leaders (my pastor) got word that I wanted to go to a conference of youth pastors in Mexico on my way to another “gang members” wedding. In just a matter of hours the crew collected the funds needed to send me to it. They used email, they are a technologically advanced gang.

We meet the criteria of a gang..

A gang is a group of people who, through the organization, formation, and establishment of an assemblage, share a common identity (we have all been given a new identity in Christ and brought into the family). Also, it is three or more who join, (even when there is only two if us – three are gathered) act in consort (we are unified in mission), find a gang name (our leader Jesus called us disciples – the world called us Christians), find a gang territory (the world), commit criminal acts (my brothers in Morocco & China do this every Sunday),  for the further enhancement of antisocial behavior. (our actions often go against the social norm)

I would like to personally thank all the men that made it possible for me to mozy down to Mexico before Philip’s wedding. The honor, love, and respect you guys show me is overwhelming and better than I deserve. Thank you. I will be a sponge and make sure you get a good return on your investment.

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