Understand your goals and objectives Matthew 28:19-20
    1. We are to teach, make disciples
    2. Make sure they are baptized
    3. Teach them the Word and how to live it out
We equip and empower believers
    5. Help them understand the Bible
    6. Help them live out who they are in Christ Jesus
  2. Know who you are talking to
    1. What are they interested in
    2. What problems are they dealing with
    3. Do they know how much you care
    4. Will you be able to make application from the Scriptures to what they are living
    5. Remember you have not taught until they have learned
Learning is the goal and that will mean that they put it into action

Choose what you will teach and work through with your class
    1. Pick a book or topic
    2. Be careful to gather materials to help you study
    3. Don’t just learn the details but how the details relate to us now, where we live
    4. Get the deep subjects down to something the student can learn and see how it applies to them
    5. Try to find something that would be how they would apply it and put it into action this very week
  4. Practical lesson preparing ideas
    1. Start preparing as soon as possible
    2. Read the passage at least 10 times
    3. Look for Jesus-the book is about Him
Make an outline
Underline your teaching with love
    6. Prepare your lesson with the students in mind
    7. Have a reachable aim or goal for each lesson
    8. Do not present too much material
Teach one thing well
Do not teach 5 things poorly
Be repetitious
Be a living example of your lesson
    13. Use words that they can understand
    14. Get a lesson goal and stay on target, don’t chase rabbits
Be predictable
  5. Steps to failure
    1. Not knowing what you want to accomplish
Being willing to be mediocre, average, not trying to be better every time
Not being disciplined enough to get there on time, have prayed, studied, rested, and be excited about teaching
    5. Not being persistent
Being negative
    7. Being jealous
    8. Not being enthusiastic
    9. Prideful egotism, thinking you have arrived while others haven’t
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  • Posted December 20, 2016 12:20 pm
    by Justus Mize

    Great help on preperation for teaching!

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