Read about how some of the greatest missionary efforts ever got their start

His process of training lasted four years; and during those four years he employed four methods.

First, to teach the settlers obedience, he persuaded them to sign their names to a number of Statutes, known as the Brotherly Agreement (July 4th, 1727);

secondly, to teach them Christian charity, he invited them to a Holy Communion in Berthelsdorf Parish Church, and there the Brethren were all so filled with the Spirit that that day (August 13th, 1727) was justly regarded as the spiritual birthday of the renewed Moravian Church;

thirdly, he deepened their spiritual experience by means of Bands, Classes, Hourly Intercessions, Singing Meetings, and the Daily Watchword; and

fourthly, and above all, he not only sent some of the settlers on reconnoitring expeditions to England, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Moravia, and the Baltic Provinces, but also, in connexion with these expeditions, established a monthly Missionary Prayer Day. Meanwhile, his missionary schemes took definite form.

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