Basic hermeneutical principles that must be employed

  1. Complete context
    1. The context rules when we interpret the text.
    2. The text must be interpreted in light of all Scripture.
    3. Scripture will never contradict itself.
    4. Scripture should be interpreted literally (or according to its genre).
    5. Do not develop a doctrine from obscure or difficult passages.
    6. Discover the author’s original intended meaning and honor that meaning.
  2. First mention, progressive mention, to full mention of a word, theme, or truth
    1. Look for key verbs
    2. Find the words you need to define
    3. Look for repeated words
    4. Look for divisions in the text
    5. Look for other Scripture that supports this text
  3. Investigate the word based on the time of translation and the original language
  4. Use a dictionary, thesaurus, and concordance
  5. Make sure to check verbs, are they imperatives?
  6. Get the outline of the Scripture
  7. Find parallel passages
  8. Harmony of all the Scripture
  9. Let Scripture interpret Scripture
  10. Learn to recognize different types of literature, figurative, literal, etc
  11. Is this to an individual or to a nation
  12. The Bible is to interpreted by the same rules and principles that we use with any literature
  13. No doctrine stands on one isolated verse
  14. Interpret the unclear by what is clear in the Bible
  15. Bridge the gap between the writer and his time and culture and the hearer and where he lives
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